St. Anne's self-portrait


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(Painting: The Virgin and Child with St. Anne)




In the upper part, to the left, I have placed the new self-portrait's nose, in order to compare it, to the right, with the Leonardo da Vinci well-known self-portrait's nose. I have obtained the complete lines of the left nose, treating the image in the PC, in an automatic way, in order to underline also the low part of the nose which is not completely visible naturally. On the other hand, this image is a comparison among the St. Anne self-portrait's right eye, to the left, and the right eye of the well-known self-portrait. Can be noted the "wrinkles" and the "bags" that characterize the parts under the eyes.

I have placed above the comparison among the left eyes of the two self-portraits. The eye, placed in the image to the left, is that of St. Anne's self-portrait, it has been "treated" evenly in order to evidence better the features less visible. Can be noted the peculiar details of the brows that are very prominents.    We can note the comparison between the mouth of the self-portrait and one of Leonardo's design (one of last ones of the artist. It is represented an old man that is held on a cane). Some persons see this design like the representation of Leonardo's old age. 

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