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Leonardo da Vinci)


Author: Massimo La Rocca





I have discovered certain things previously unknown about Leonardo da Vinci. These are images, portraits of persons and other things, the artist has hidden in his most famous works. In his "Treatise on Painting", Leonardo has included two chapters that dwell on what one can see by observing the stains on walls, and the ashes left by a fire (....). Leonardo advises young painters to look at "compositions" to see what one can perceive in them, in order to find, "wonderful inventions", that may be embedded in their own works. If Leonardo counsels youthful painters to do this, how, then, can we not assume that he also did these things?

I can now maintain and demonstrate, after years of study, that Leonardo has indeed concealed images in some of his works. In fact, I have discovered various portraits, including two Leonardo's self-portraits.

In these pages I wil present some of the hidden images found in the painting The Virgin and Child with St. Anne (Paris - Louvre Museum  - 170 x 130 cms).







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battles compositions

la faccia con i baffi

the self portrait

the devil


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